Friday, March 26, 2010

Our amazing daughter! Our Journey has begun!

Hello to you all! It has been a really long time since I have wrote.

I am writing today to start a blog about our families strength, fustration, and love for each other. Oh, and should I also say about being a mom. Nobody ever tells you how much it hurts when you have a sick child.

Once your child is born and you have that sick feeling and the feeling when you want to smack the Dr. across the face for grabbing your child out of you like a wet rag, while your thinking it is the most fargile life ever born. Or when your sitting on the porch and your child skins their knees and they get up and say "I am fine mom".

Children are not so fragile. Yes, they are our wonderful gifts from God! But as for strength, I wish I was only half as strong as our daughter Isabella.

Isabella is going through life right now with Arthritis. She is 3 years old and has more pain during the day then I can remember. Although I feel stressed, freaked out, saddened to see her in pain. SHe on the other hand moves through life fearless. A wonderful role model for me.
She waits out the pain in tears for awhile then in a matter of time she is jumping, running, climbong while see can.

Our family is stronger then ever and everyone, even Devon our 5 year old pitches in through out the day. Devon is an amazing big brother. Yes, they have their moments of the typical brother and sister. But he helps her more then I can believe a 5 year old can.

This will be my outlet. Our happienss, our dissapointments, and yep....a little venting!!!

The kids are getting up right now, so I will write more later.

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Jenni said...

Samantha, I'm so happy your going to document this trying time. I miss seeing pictures of your beautiful family. Hang in there okay.