Monday, July 12, 2010

Rainy Days!

Isabella is MUCH better today! The bruises are gone and she can actually open her mouth WIDER!!!! Now other then a little sore from a rainy day and a busy weekend she is doing awesome!

She has been complaining a little about her knees. I am making another heating pad for her.

So, I am starting another project. I am trying to make MASH (Make Arthritis Stop Hurting)Kit. For every new kid in Alabama(starting small) I am trying to put together a MASH Kit. These includes a BUZZY, heating pad(rice)(I am making these)and Fat Crayons, and Pencil Grips. If you can help in ANY WAY(Donating time to put this together, Supplies or a Dime or two feel free to send it on over. I am feeling this is soemthing I am here to do. My goal this year is to make 100 MASH kits.

All of this in my spare time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Love you all,

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