Saturday, January 29, 2011

Once Upon the Ortho...

We met our new Orthopaedic Dr. He is wonderful! He sat with Isabella and I and went through the procedure with us. Good news first...The erosion is just begining! They think they have caught this in time has to be an and at that because no one really knows how long it will last. We are constantly putting out little fires.

Bad News...Remicade doesn't seem to be helping! This is a discussion for our Rheumy next weekend.

Izzy is scheduled in two weeks for the injections of steroid into the SI joint. They will put her to asleep again and inject both sides. Then we pray.

Today I have started a Support Group here and have people from different states coming for this. I am excited to meet them all yet sad that they too have children that are going through all this too. It will be wonderful to see that maybe I am shedding a little light on this not well lit path for all of us. Just the thought that I maybe helping others is a aspiring feeling to have. Maybe through this we will form friendship and bonds that will help us change the face of JA. Maybe we as a little support group in this tiny town will make a big noise! Yes, I have been watching Horten hears a Who! We are the speck! But we can be HEARD!!!! many kid movies!!!!! I love you all and I will let you all know how the meeting went today!
Blessing to all!

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