Monday, June 28, 2010

Maxiofacial Appointment

Before I get all involved with the post. I just want to reassure my family and friends that this blog is only seen by those who I have invited. I am in no way going to exploit our family. But, I will be spreading the word about JIA to all those who will listen!

So, with that said. Friday...We took Isabella to see a really great Maxiofacial Doc. He saw the Arthritis in Isabella's jaw. He is following the Rheumatologist concerns. She is scheduled to recieve injections of steroids in her jaw. We are worried aout the imflammation in her jaw, and joint destruction. BUT BEFORE we do that I am researching to see if there is another way we can go.

We are still batteling her virus. She had to have several breathing treatments last night. Congetion, and cough. She is on so much Naproxen that she can't get a real fever. So, outlook for today....Dr's office again!

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