Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Maxiofacial Appt!

Just got word that Isabella will be going this week for her injections. This past week has been tough on her. The cold virus she caught has turned to congestion and a cough. We are doing breathing treatments every 4 hours and her joints have been swollen and feverish this past weekend. Her Doc called last night and we put her on predisone for 3 days to help keep the swelling down and help her lungs. We are going to give Enbrel a few more weeks and if she doesn't improve we will start infusion thereapy. Doc. had told us that Enbrel doesn't usually work on patients with the HLA-B27 tissue type. So, at least we are prepared!

As for the appt, we arrive at 8am and they will put her to sleep then do the injections. It should go well. She will be a little sore but she is a Rock Star!

We started our a team for this years Jingle Bell/run/walk. The team is called Isabella's Jingling Joints. Please join us on our walk! We need to show everyone that we are a united front supporting all the children and adults with Arthritis!

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