Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maxofacial Doctor

We recieved a call yesterday, that we will be going to the Maxofacial Doctor on Friday. That is good so we can try and stop any type of bone loss in her jaws, yet upsetting because that is just ANOTHER drug in system. We are so fustrated. One, I hate these poison drugs that are so toxic to us, yet I am grateful for those very people who have made such a thing in order for Isabella to enjoy life.

I am also sitting here thinking that I am grateful for the fact that Isabella doesn't know life any different then her daily pain. To her this is normal. Sad! But, glad that she is not growing up right now missing how she "used" to feel.

I think that the shock and awe are starting to wear off. Life is starting to feel normal for all of us. The daily phone calls from the pharmacy to remind us our medicine is ready for pick up. It is funny, I used to think that the "Automatic Refill and Reminder" was great! Now, I loath that stupid little man who calls to remind me to pick up the stuff that costs two arms and two legs that also makes Isabella's tummy hurt and her joints better!

I was thinking yesterday how calm I am starting to be. That I think in the past few weeks(it is only been 4 since we got a real diagnosis) that I have read, researched, asked everyone who I thought had so useful information for me, now I am slowly becoming a General in this war!

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